Our Approach

Big box recruiters are Generalists … at The Compliance Grid, we stay Micro-Niche.

As the larger recruitment firms continue to grab all they can across multiple disciplines, we are laser focused and operate in solely 3 domains where we have a verifiable track record of placing professionals into the following micro-niches:


  • Financial Crime AML/AB&C
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Compliance Consulting (“big 4 & boutiques”)
  • Fraud
  • Control Room / Research
  • Securities Compliance

Cyber Security

  • Chief Info. Securty Officer (CISO)
  • Security Director
  • Security Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Sales

Data Governance

  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Head of Data
  • Governance
  • Data Governance
  • Modeller
  • Data Quality Analyst
  • Information Governance
  • Data Consultant
Find Uncommon Talent
Find Uncommon Talent

Clients seek experienced specialist talent that is a better fit for the future. “Uncommon talent” is a term used to describe high-value individuals with unique, innovative skills that transcend industries. Uncommon talent includes innovative and original thinkers with an intellectual curiosity that constantly challenges the status quo. These driven individuals demonstrate the propensity to continuously learn new things and apply these learnings to deftly adapt to business critical opportunities.

While other generalist industry recruiters are focused on re-using the same, limited pool of candidates, we focus on the identification and conversion of fresh, top Uncommon talent. Our candidates embody a broad mix of characteristics including creativity and operational know-how, paired with deep, industry-agnostic business experience.

Our approach provides a new lens for identifying, converting, and placing talent to spark innovation, inspiration, and creativity in organizations on the brink of change.

Our mission is to identify, source and cultivate pools of uncommon talent that empowers your organization to expand its reach, broaden capabilities and reinvent business for a new era.

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